Acer Aspire one A110

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  1. Gentoo installed like normal, no funnies
  2. vga=788 for grub
    1. and maybe one day with a newer kernel I will try
kernel /boot/<kernel> root=/dev/<sdX> i915.modeset=1
  1. I got compiz working under xfce4
  2. and found a nice screensaver called rss-glx (Really Slick Screensavers Port to GLX)
  3. Arch setup
  4. Debian
  5. Gentoo setup
  6. Richard Bergmair

Some kernel config files: For 3D, look at

To get the internet going, refer to these sites:

1. Update the Aspire One using the ‘Live Update’ application in the ‘Settings’ section. If you have not already installed the patch it will show as an optional update at the bottom of the updates list so tick the box and let the One do it’s thing.(jy hoef nie dit te doen nie sodra jy kan connect doen hy dit self,tensy jy wireless connect,ek kon nie.

2. Once the updates are complete reboot the One. When it has loaded up again click on the blue triangle in the ‘Connect’ quick link section. You should now see a new application to open called ‘Mobile Partner’.

3. Once ‘Mobile Partner’ has loaded plug in your USB modem (mine is the Huawei E220 from 3) and if everything has worked you after a few seconds you should see a popup to say that the device is recognised and is checking the status of the USIM. In the bottom left you will notice the network signal strength and operator.

4. This is the only difficult part, up until now eveything was plug and play. Select ‘Tools > Options’ from the menu and then select ‘Profile Management’ on the left. You will need to create a new profile and input the details as shown in the screenshot below. Please Note: These are the settings for the 3 UK mobile network, however the only difference on other networks should be the APN.

5. Save the profile and make sure it is ‘Set as Default’ before returning to the main screen. Click the ‘Connect’ button and fingers crossed after a few seconds you will be connected and able to access the Internet as normal.