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I have had issues with Launcher.Pro that expire on me :-(

So I wnated to add a link directly into the market to download ADW. Link to Market

On Villain 2.0 ROM Speed test with Linpack

   MFLOPS: 2.492
   Time: 33.64 Seconds
   Norm Res: 5.68

Appls I like: 3G watchdog aCurrency alarm Klock Astro file manager Barcode Scanner Bookmarks to SD ConnectBot Dolphin Browser (with blue theme) GDocs Google Sky Map GScript Lite Handcent SMS KeepTrack Linpack Meebo IM Memento OpenSudoku rShopping RugbyNut ServerAssistant Shazam Simple Spreadsheet SMS Backup & Restore SMS Backup + Flikie wallpapers Mabilo wallpapers