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Setup and install

pacaur -S jdk8-openjdk
archlinux-java set java-8-openjdk/jre
pacaur -S android-studio

A nice starting tutorial:

If you run out of tmp space as I did, just remount tmp temporary:

sudo mount -o remount,size=4G,noatime /tmp


KVM requires that the virtual machine host's processor has virtualization support (named VT-x for Intel processors and AMD-V for AMD processors). You can check whether your processor supports hardware virtualization with the following command:

LC_ALL=C lscpu | grep Virtualization


grep -E --color=auto 'vmx|svm|0xc0f' /proc/cpuinfo

If nothing is displayed after running either command, then your processor does not support hardware virtualization, and you will not be able to use KVM.

Note: You may need to enable virtualization support in your BIOS. Kernel support Arch Linux kernels provide the appropriate kernel modules to support KVM and VIRTIO.

You can check if necessary modules (kvm and one of kvm_amd, kvm_intel) are available in your kernel with the following command (assuming your kernel is built with CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC):

zgrep CONFIG_KVM /proc/config.gz

Do I need this?:

sudo modprobe kvm