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To replace the standard HardKrenel Android boot image, boot up with the power cable plugged into your PC. Then open the Internal FAT storage partition. What I did was to unzip the boot-logo.bmp.gz file and edit it. Mine got too big (I think) when I added text. I re-saved it via gimp with these options:

Compatibility Options
  X Do not write color space information
Advanced Options
  X 24 bits

Boot Animation

I used Blender to make mine. Worked Like a charm!

When the movie is done, you need to convert it into images. I used ffmpeg

ffmpeg -i boot.mp4 -r 10 -s 1360x768 -f image2 ./part0/%3d.jpg

Pls test this for me:

ffmpeg -i boot.mp4 -r 10 -s 1360x768 -aspect 1.7777 -f image2 ./part0/%3d.jpg

Remember to update your desc.txt file with the resolution that you want at start-up.

Compress the file

The last step to making a functioning animation file is to compress the ‘desc.txt’ file and image subfolders into a ZIP folder. You can use 7-Zip for this but most importantly remember to use the ‘store’ option only. You don’t actually want to compress anything otherwise the ROM won’t be able to open and retrieve the files. When you’re done load it into Boot Animation Factory to test that it works as you expect.

zip -r -0 desc.txt ./part0/