DVD creation

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  • Convert the file to mpeg before creating a DVD:
ffmpeg -i my_video.avi -target dvd -aspect 16:9 -sameq my_dvd_video.mpg


Then create the DVD using dvdauthor. Like this:

mkdir DVD
dvdauthor --title -f 01.mpg -o DVD  
dvdauthor --title -f 02.mpg -o DVD  
dvdauthor --title -f 03.mpg -o DVD  
dvdauthor --title -f 04.mpg -o DVD  
dvdauthor --title -f 05.mpg -o DVD  
dvdauthor -T -o DVD

Then burn to DVD

For auto creating and automation, see: http://jerith.za.net/code/mkmovie.html