E.T systems DC blue digital

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My garage door motor


Programming a remote

(Hold the remote transmitters +/-500mm away from the receiver antenna when programming).

  1. Begin by selecting a button on the remote transmitter,
  2. Start transmitting (FIRST) by pressing and holding the remote transmitter button required,
  3. Short the middle receiver pin to the BT receiver pin,
  4. LEARN LED will flash confirmation.
  5. LED Flashes Meaning:
    1. x 1 Successful – The first remote code programmed into the receiver memory. Master remote control
    2. x 2 Successful – There is still memory available.
    3. Multiple rapid flashes Unsuccessful – The receiver memory is full
    4. No flashes - Unsuccessful. Either a non ETBLUE remote transmitter is being used or there is another remote transmitter active on 433.92MHz and it is blocking the signal.