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- resize

Aspect ratio is preserved basically so that any circles in the input image will remain a circle in the output image. That is the image will not be squashed or squeezed, only resized, unless you tell it otherwise.

-resize XxY will always look for the largest size and scale that to eithr XxY depending on whether width or height is larger and keep the aspect ratio

convert dragon.gif    -resize 64x64  resize_dragon.gif [aspect ratio kept]
convert IMG*.JPG -resize 1024x1024 *.jpg [aspect ratio kept, auto increment file name]
cd public_html/images/thumbs
mogrify -resize 64x64 -quality 100 -path ../new-thumbs *.jpg


You can retrieve the data on an image with the following example:

identify -verbose /usr/share/backgrounds/WildWheat_by_Brian_Burt.jpg

If you want just the EXIF data, you can use something like the following:

identify -verbose /usr/share/backgrounds/WildWheat_by_Brian_Burt.jpg | grep "exif:"


imagemagick: cache resources exhausted while trying to crop big tiff, -limit option does not fix it

I solved this problem by increasing the memory limit in /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml file.