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sudo apt-get install gmpc


pacaur ncmpcpp-git

Add all to playlist

hit a, enter "/", done
go to browse (3)
press "v" (it reverse selection, so when you have nothing selected, it selects all)
press "A"
search )F4)
v to reverse selection 
a to add all selected items to playlist (select current playlist from the menu that pops up)
Z - Shuffle playlist

Add these to your file pls

use_console_editor = yes
store_lyrics_in_song_dir = "yes"
display_volume_level = "yes"
empty_tag_marker = "----"
external_editor = "vim"
progressbar_look = "-¦¦"
progressbar_look = "¦:"
progressbar_elapsed_color = white
progressbar_color = blue
visualizer_look = .*
playlist_show_remaining_time = yes
ask_before_clearing_playlists = yes
allow_for_physical_item_deletion = yes
startup_screen = "playlist"
startup_slave_screen = "media_library"
startup_screen = "playlist"
startup_slave_screen = "media_library"
display_remaining_time = yes
enable_window_title = yes

To do list

=== Setup upnp frontend to mpd

Rendering media to music server through your source.
You can play music from your own devices into the music server. For this you need to have UPNP control poin application such as Upplay and BubbleUpnp player, in your device. For linux upplay works good. For android you will have 
lots of options like Yaacc(Open source) and BubbleUpnp player.
In these apps you get to select two options: Renderer and Library. You play the music from the library in the renderer device. So, you want to play your songs in to music server, select local library and music server for renderer.

Here is the app, but look at the Arch notes:

See if you can scream youtube:

What about Kodi?

Test this mpd player on Android:

Test this player for internet radio and for upnp to mpd

upnp notes:

MP3 Download