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== How to share a printer from a Mac to a PC using Bonjour Services for Windows on a Virtual-box VM Another approach

  1. Shutdown the VirtualBox machine
  2. Under Mac OS X
    1. System Preferences, Print & Fax, Check "Share this printer on the network"
    2. System Preferences, Sharing, Check "Printer Sharing" and Check the printer
  3. VirtualBox machine, Network:
    1. if only one adapter selected and it is attached as NAT [this is the default], then add Second adapter attached as Host-only Adapter, Name: vboxnet0
    2. if the adapter is attached as Bridged Adapter, then do nothing (you have a reason to be Bridged?)
  4. Start up the Vbox machine - let it adjust to added Network Adapter
    1. Download and install from Apple "Bonjour Print Services for Windows"
    2. start Bonjour Printer Wizard and follow the menus